Colorado Springs Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration!

There is no need to romanticize our history for there are abundant reasons to be proud! Our journey has taken us literally from “pyramids, to projects”, and….back to our African minds!  We must simply know, honor, and “pass on” the true story of our history in order to ignite the Light that will inspire our youth, and generations yet unborn to reach for a better future.  It is that Light that inspired our ancient African ancestors to raise the First Wonder of the World – The Great Pyramid from the desert sands of Kemet (Egypt), to create writing, mathematics, astronomy, anatomy, medical sciences, architecture, civil engineering, literature, spirituality, religion, and to establish the first and longest civilizations in the world.

It is that same Light that inspired great thinkers such as George W. Carver, Elijah McCoy, Drs. Daniel Hale Williams, Shirley A. Jackson, Cheikh Anta Diop, Asa G. Hilliard III, Ivan Van Sertima, George G.M. James, Marimba Ani, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and countless others whose lives, accomplishments, and contributions to modern civilization continue to positively impact our lives (whether we know it or not)! 

During this time of pandemic, there continues to be an abundance of distractions that deter us from fully recognizing and bringing to bare the personal strength, resilience, and psychological armor that comes from a deep understanding, respect, and appreciation of our great history and culture. It is essential that we regularly and very intentionally reinforce our traditional cultural values throughout the year. As a people, African Americans have overcome the worst of times and conditions, and yet we strive, achieve, and continue to stand because we stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors!

2022 represents a unique opportunity to dedicate time and effort to understand the cultural foundations of Kwanzaa at deeper levels. “The Black Candle” is a wonderful documentary narrated by Dr. Mya Angelou that can facilitate this process.  The documentary can be streamed free at tubi.com , YouTube https://youtu.be/FvbVfFnBafI and is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Stay well, stay Safe, and stay Blessed

Dr. Anthony P. Young, Founder

Kuumba Cultural Collective of Southern Colorado

(Annual Colorado Springs Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration)