Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration

33rd Annual Colorado Springs Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration

Kwanzaa  celebrates the best and highest of the values, history, culture, philosophy, and achievements of African people (living in America and in other parts of the world).  Come and join in this celebration of family, community, and culture.

For those truly interested in obtaining authentic information about Kwanzaa, click here to view this wonderful documentary narrated by Maya Angelou.

All around the world, on every continent in the world, throughout the world African community, African people, in the name and framework of Kwanzaa, will gather together to celebrate themselves. And this year as always, they will celebrate family, community and culture. That is to say, they will celebrate the good, beauty and sacredness of their lives, the indispensable caring, sharing and shielding foundation of family and community and the ancient, rich, varied and instructive cultural values and practices that ground Kwanzaa, define us as a people, and direct us forward on the upward paths of our ancestors. Indeed, at the heart and center of the holiday, Kwanzaa is its concern with and stress on embracing and practicing its core values, the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles) and related communitarian African values.  Nguzo Saba are a Black value system, a set of communitarian African values which aid us in grounding ourselves righteously and rightly, directing our lives toward good and expansive ends, and toward conceiving and bringing into being the good communities, societies and world we all want and work and struggle so hard to bring into being.

Our Umoja (Unity) Opening Ceremony 6-7:30 pm on December 26, 2022, highlights the first and foundational principle of the Nguzo Saba.  Unity as principled and harmonious togetherness is a cardinal virtue in both classical and general African societies. 

Annual Colorado Springs Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration is held 6-7:30pm each day December 26th through December 31st at In-Balance Wellness Studio located at 2820 East Pikes Peak.