Affirmation Statement

Affirmation Statement

We are an African people.
We will honor the Creator by the life that we live.
We will remember the humanity, glory, and suffering of our ancestors.
We will honor the struggles of our elders, who will strive to reclaim,
reconstruct, and restore our traditional values as an African people.

We will bring new light to our people.
We will have peace and harmony among us.
We will be loving, caring, and creative.

We will work, study, and listen.
So we may learn.
Learn so that we may teach.

We will cultivate our character and our minds.
We will struggle to resurrect and unify our community.
We will raise strong children for our nation.

We will live as positive role models to provide new directions for our people.
We will be free and self- determining.
We are an African people.
And we will win!
And we will win!
And we WILL win!

The liberation of our minds and spirits,
The reclamation of our history and humanity,
The economic freedom of our community
For the Redemption of African people in America and elsewhere.